All HIPPIEYEAH jewelry is made from 925 sterling silver. You will find a stamp with the alloy mark 925. Items with a golden colour are plated with either 14K or 18K gold, depending on the shade of the gold.

What is a gold plating?

A gold plating means a layer of gold is deposited on top of the sterling silver. Therefore the silver will become visible, if the plating wears off. We plate with a 14K or 18K in the thickness of minimum 2.5 Micron.

Durability of gold plating

It is difficult to accurately predict how long a gold plating will last. It greatly depends on how often you wear it, where on the body it’s placed and how active you are. Rings for example are exposed to more wear and tear than earrings, so you can expect the plating to wear of quicker. You will notice this on the bottom of the item and on exposed edges. We strive to provide a high quality of plating and if you feel your plating wore off too quickly, please drop us a line at


Silver can get oxidised and in some cases it will show as a discolouring. If you see a light discolour, you can use a silver polishing cloth and rub on the area until it is gone. If your jewelry shows heavy signs of oxidisation, we recommend you dip a polishing cloth into some silver cleaning solution and rub on the affected areas.

After the cleaning rinse the items in water to remove any leftover chemicals.

In general, try to stick to these jewelry care routines:

  • Store your jewels in the jewerly bag provided by us. If you need to store your jewelry for a longer period of time, we recommend to store it in a ziplock bag.
  • Avoid storing your jewelry in the bathroom as the moisture can cause rapid oxidisation. Avoid getting chemicals from perfumes or body lotion on your jewelry.
  • Remove your jewelry before showering, doing sports, swimming or sleeping (especially the necklaces).